trimesh.interfaces package


trimesh.interfaces.blender module

trimesh.interfaces.blender.boolean(meshes, operation='difference')

trimesh.interfaces.generic module

class trimesh.interfaces.generic.MeshScript(meshes, script, tmpfile_ext='stl')

Bases: object



trimesh.interfaces.scad module

trimesh.interfaces.scad.boolean(meshes, operation='difference')

Run an operation on a set of meshes

trimesh.interfaces.scad.interface_scad(meshes, script)

A way to interface with openSCAD which is itself an interface to the CGAL CSG bindings. CGAL is very stable if difficult to install/use, so this function provides a tempfile- happy solution for getting the basic CGAL CSG functionality.

meshes: list of Trimesh objects script: string of the script to send to scad.

Trimesh objects can be referenced in the script as $mesh_0, $mesh_1, etc.

trimesh.interfaces.vhacd module

trimesh.interfaces.vhacd.convex_decomposition(mesh, **kwargs)

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