Advanced Installation

The minimal requirement to install trimesh is just numpy.

All other dependancies are ‘soft’, or trimesh will only fail if a function is called that requires something not installed. If you do the most basic pip install, it will only require those three packages:

pip install trimesh

If you’d like most soft dependancies which should install cleanly:

pip install trimesh[easy]

Conda Install

The easiest way to get going on the most platforms is through Conda.

# install Miniconda if you have no conda:

conda install -c conda-forge scikit-image shapely rtree pyembree

# install trimesh and all possible dependancies
# if this fails try: pip install trimesh[easy]
pip install trimesh[all]

Ubuntu Notes

Blender and openSCAD are soft dependancies used for boolean operations with subprocess, you can get them with apt:

sudo apt-get install openscad blender

Windows Notes

The easiest way to get going on Windows is to install the Anaconda Python distribution.